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    The ruins and historical sites to the north, west and south of Allepo are known collectively as the Dead Cities zone. Afrin valley is located in the north end of the Dead Cities zone and in a large lime-stone cave called Dederiyeh at the east boundary of this valley was found a skeleton of infant Neanderthal by the Japan & Syria joint expedition team in 1993. In this area are found many other historical sites, but a Hittite temple remained near a small Kurdish town called Aindara is the most popular among tourists. The main camp of the Japan & Syria joint expedition team has been located at the foot of the Hittite temple's terr.

    QTVR Panorama Movies
  • Hittite Temple-1
  • Hittite Temple-2
  • Hittite Temple-3
  • On the way to Aine Darah town
  • Takeo Fukazawa, 1997

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