About Photo Licensing

Free Licensing

All photos and images shown in this gallery can be downloaded and used at free so far as it is for your private and non commercial use and no specific remarks are noticed at the photos or images. However, even in case of private and non-commercial uses;

  • Users are not allowed to make any modification with the photos or images.
  • Users are requested to put the credit of authors and Muse (example: "From http://www.muse.or.jp, photographed by James Bond" )
  • Users are requested to inform Muse on the use possibly before the use.
  • Depending on the purpose and manner of the use, Muse can refuse the use of images.

Professional Licensing

For users who want to use photos included in this collections for professional purpose such as Commercial Design, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM title, Multimedia Exhibition, Muse provides such users with a certain Professional License and delivers the images in many formats depending on the need.

The licensing fee depends on the purpose and manner of use, but the standard fee for printing and multimedia production such as web-design, CD-ROM, multimedia presentation at public space are as shown below.

Professional License Fee for Printing
  • High-res (4096 x 6144 pixel/TIFF or JPEG) ---------------- US$ 250.- / image, single use

Professional License Fee for Multimedia Production
  • Low-res image (512 x 768 pixel/TIFF or JPEG) ---------- US$ 25.- / image, single use
  • Medium-res image (1024 x 1536 pixel/TIFF or JPEG) ---------- US$ 150.- / image, single use
  • High-res (2048 x 3072 pixel/TIFF or JPEG) ---------------- US$ 200.- / image, single use

[ Notice ] Price and conditions shown at this site are subject to change without notice.

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